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Innovation & Inspiration.


This Part of my website is about innovation and where i get my inspiration to create unique selling point

My passion and determination for my work push me everyday to innovate me and create something new, below you can find some nice ideas

Italian Way .

Where everything start, where I come from and the person that I am now is very much related to Italy, Roma
The genuine hospitality run into our veins, Italian people are born with this particular skill. and is also the reason why we are famous around the world

Water list and the PH

During my time and experience in Portugal, I launched a Water List where PH Balance water was offered. Today, we are always looking a healthier way of life and we all know that WATER IS LIFE. Therefore, water lists should always include Alcaline, neutral, acid water options.


Good energy make people se you with different eyes Cit. Marcio Silva.


We expand on the traditional way to serve a Negroni cocktail by doing so much more class and allowing for an opportunity to engage with our guests.

Negroni is a mixture of 100 years of History, three simple ingredients and a plethora of different expressions that are a pure, bitter and beautifully balanced classic aperitivo. We take this timeless creation to a whole another level, with our own special Negroni trolley, and of course, impeccable Italian showmanship.
The creation came about when Count Camillo Negroni in 1919 asked his friend, bartender Forsco Scarselli, to strengthen his favorite cocktail – the americano – by replacing the soda water with gin.
The Negroni family was also quick to take advantage of the cocktail’s success by founding the Negroni Distillery in 1919.


You can enjoy all day or all night finely and expertly crafted cocktails that are perfect for any occasion. For those who are seeking something utterly refreshing and flavorsome, without worrying about the next day, if you’ve had too much.


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         Dario Schiavoni


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